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What do “lost” people look like? Well, lost people are dangerous. They could be losing their mind, don’t have the right mindset, they could be lost in the wilderness, rebellious, or even being tormented and/or attacked by the fowls of the air, bitten by snakes, deceived by wolves, (spiritually). Jesus has been sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. If you do not see yourself as being lost, then I guess you don’t need a savior, and if you don’t need a savior, I guess you don’t need Jesus. That is a warped mindset and let’s conquer that in the name of Jesus!


We need to be found! By WHO – JESUS, WHY – so that we can be freed from the snares of the enemy, no longer walking in bondage or being under subjection to the enemy. Being hooked by Jesus means peace, prosperity, life, love, joy etc. There is rejoicing in heaven when one lost sheep is found. How great of a love is that. We have all sinned and fell short of the glory of God. That’s why I’m thankful that by repentance, I can be forgiven, no longer holding onto self-condemnation, but free to glorify MY FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN and my savior JESUS CHRIST!!!!


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